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Nicola POWYS
3 min readOct 14, 2021
Me with Tutu. Photograph Carmen Blike

Hi — I’m Nicola.

I was born in the northwest of the UK and I tell people who ask that I am from Manchester — it just gives me more kudos and is a lot simpler — and I do support Man U.

Sixty years later, France is my home.

I live, replete, in a small apartment near the Mediterranean Sea in which I swim every day before heading to my atelier in the middle of the Old Town. Here, I make art, write and put the world to rights with locals and tourists alike.

I live here with my husband of thirty-five years. He teaches Business and Economics, mostly online now, to put bread on the table.

Our daughter and two grandchildren live two hours away in Italy and our son is happily making a life for himself in Brazil.

Life is good, simple and low key but full of the essentials: friends, health and purpose.

It wasn’t always so idyllic of course. We are all victims of some trauma or other — those of us who seek answers. My own hasn’t gone away — I just manage it better now (feed me wine though and I could tell you stories, such stories!)

Yes — I made it through to the saner side. I listened to myself, I purged the toxins, I listened to others, followed my gut — leapt right in…



Nicola POWYS

Artist, activist and writer using words and paint existentially. Find my artwork here: htpps//www.instagram.com/playspowys